Three words every abuse survivor must hear—God hates abuse.

Have you ever been told, “Be the best Christian you can be—God will change his heart”? Or perhaps, “Perhaps you’re doing something that is making her so angry”? When it comes to dealing with abuse, this is the kind of advice many Christians are given, often by even the most well-intended people helpers.

There’s one core problem with these statements: They’re unbiblical.

Safe Haven is a biblically-based guide to abuse, giving you the tools you need to identify it, respond to it, and heal from it. In this devotional, you’ll learn how:

  • The Bible teaches you to spot abusers in a variety of relationship types
  • Jesus counsels you to handle abusive people
  • The Word trains you to respond to someone’s attempts to abuse you
  • God can rebuild you and strengthen your faith in the aftermath of abuse

Safe Haven is a tool suited for any survivor of abuse—whether woman or man. It’s also a resource to aid in recovering from abuse in nearly every context—whether the abuse was perpetrated in a marriage, at the hands of a parent, or by another influential person in your life. If you’ve been crushed, controlled, betrayed, manipulated, or exploited by someone you thought you could trust, this book is for you.

Safe Haven is now available on paperback, eBook, and audiobook.

Michelle lays bare the motivations, manipulations, and common tactics of abusers. Pastors, friends, counselors and of course the abused will all be fortified, blessed and equipped by reading this seminal work on abuse. In a word, I found this book to be nothing less than brilliant.

–Gary Thomas, Author of Sacred Marriage and When to Walk Away