Episode 163: How Can I Defend Myself? When What They’re Saying Isn’t True.

The Christian Single Moms Podcast
The Christian Single Moms Podcast
Episode 163: How Can I Defend Myself? When What They're Saying Isn't True.

Is someone in your life spreading lies about you? Whether it’s an ex or others around you spreading false information and gossip, it’s natural that you’d want to share your side and set the record straight. But what do you do when everything you attempt seems to make the situation worse? What  if they’re getting away with saying things that are not true – how can you defend yourself? Michelle shares why our initial reactions to being slandered can actually perpetuate the problem, and how Jesus responded when placed in similar circumstances. She also shares what to do in instances when you still have to interact with someone who is committed to continually verbally attacking you.

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