Episode 155: I’m SO Overwhelmed: What to Do When it’s All Too Much

The Christian Single Moms Podcast
The Christian Single Moms Podcast
Episode 155: I'm SO Overwhelmed: What to Do When it's All Too Much

Being a single mom is overwhelming because, let’s face it, you’re one person doing the work of two. But if this was just about tasks– like homework, doctor’s appointments, court dates, and keeping house– you could probably find a way to deal with the exhaustion. But overwhelm is different. Overwhelm stops us in our tracks; it’s when we don’t know what we need or how to move forward. It’s the feeling you’re coming unglued and that everything is falling apart. Michelle describes why the day-to-day makes even the smallest things too much to handle, and what you can do when it all just feels too heavy.

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