Wall Builder

For the Wall Builder, loneliness often stems from moving too slowly when forming new relationships. You are careful not to invest too quickly, but can be too suspicious of others’ motives and miss making connections with healthy people. 

When it comes to the anxiety of relationships, you may not put enough time and effort into building connections, often to protect yourself from being suffocated by someone else’s needs. Healthy boundaries will help a Wall Builder recognize emotionally safe people more quickly, and attract relationships that are based in mutual giving and receiving.

Now you know your loneliness type—what's next?

HEAL past hurts.
SET healthy boundaries.
FIND safe people.

In the Unlocking Loneliness e-book series, you’ll learn about what’s beneath your specific experience with loneliness so you can heal past hurts, learn to set healthy boundaries, and find safe people and make healthy connections

The series includes three mini-books:

  • Part 1- Why We Feel Like We Don’t Belong (Download FREE)
  • Part 2- Decoding Your Loneliness Type
  • Part 3- Why We All Need Boundaries

Each guide is like a mini-devotional, meant to guide you on a transformational journey from lonely to alive—one day at a time.