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Faith & Community

Forgiveness: What It Is, What It’s Not, & How To Do It

When my ex-husband and I first separated, I was angry. Like throw-everything-in-the-garbage angry.  After my ex had removed his things from the home, I spent the better part of three weeks clearing out my garage, screaming and crying as I sifted through box after box of nearly twenty years worth of memories. Old photos, letters, keepsakes, even articles of

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Emotional & Mental Health

Overcoming Overwhelm

Overwhelm is most often not about whatever sets us off, but rather is connected to something deeper below the surface. Like the time I flipped out on my mom over broccoli. Every Sunday, my kids and I have dinner with my parents. We’ve been doing this for years. This tradition is awesome for a number of reasons, one of

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Dating & Relationships

I Kissed (Online) Dating Goodbye

I kind of feel like online dating kind of tempts us to “shop for a human.” Shopping for humans is weird. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised then that “trying them out” is even weirder. I’m not saying online dating is all bad or that it can’t work. But to make it work, you gotta be willing to work. 

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Single Parenting

Feeling manipulated by your kids?

Maybe you’ve heard of codependency in relationships, but did you know it can spill over into your parenting? See if any of these sound familiar: You often tolerate quite a lot of misbehavior, but then end up extremely frustrated with your children. You may also regularly find yourself angry or yelling at your children.

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